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Nice :)

Good graphics and voices. In my opinion, it was also by far the funniest episode of the series. Very nice, congrats on the well deserved daily first.

I voted five..couldn't find anything to take off points for, so keep it up :)

Wow :)

That was great! Why? I'm not sure :)

You should really respond to PMs with that song.

Happy Luis day.

Awesome work :)

The collab looks great- it was a great idea, and it looks smooth throughout.

It was a great concept drawing with pixels. An art style that focuses more on creativity than drawing skills...I might try it sometime :)

Some suggestions for the future:
-sync some parts to the song

I hope you do another one sometime :) If you do I'd want to get involved.

Great job overall. Hope you get an award/FP.

Review Score: 9/10
Vote: 5/5

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Good try, but not great implementation

Firstly, all of the notes are a helf-step too high. Secondly, the high "C#" (which is really a D) is the same note as the low "C#".

Other than that, it looks good-great graphics. The different instruments is a good idea, as is the playback.

Try fixing the glitches mentioned above, and this could be really good. Perhaps try to allow for shorter and longer notes-eigths, quarters, half notes, etc. I'm sure this stuff is hard to do, but if you have a variable that stores how long a key is being pressed, then once it is released it can be written on the music staff...or something like that.

Good effort; keep trying :)

I voted 3.


Great sound board, very nice selection of voices.

highwatermark responds:

Thanks, review #1.

Very fun :)

I easily beat the game. The best thing to do is load up on regular dart towers with the piercing darts. I got through all the levels with those on every empty space I could find (with one super monkey).

Great graphics as well, and excellent overall.

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Great song!

Thanks for making such a great song! It proves perfect for any intense game.

Nice effort and all that.

Relive those Retro Video Game Memories! Check out my latest work: the Video Game Trivia Challenge. Another next game should be out in a couple of months- a puzzle game of some sort.

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